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Welcome to World Cup DreamTeam.

On the left there are a list of options including viewing the League table where you can view individual teams. From here you can navigate around the website and check your teams' progress against other teams.

The site will be updated at regular intervals. Mistakes are sometimes made (I'm only human), but if you spot one then please let me know. Thorough checks will be made at transfer window times and at the end of the season.

The competition will cost £5.50, to be paid upon entry of your team. Total prize pool (to be announced upon commencement of the season) will be shared between first and second places. 50p from each entry will go towards running the Dreamteam website.

All points scoring will be taken from 'The Sun' newspaper. So if you want to know more, buy it. Or view online, click 'Sun' Dreamteam on the left. The Sun Usually update every night following matches (except saturday).